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  Randy Jacobszoon
  President, RPF



Randy has been involved with the management and protection of forestlands as a resource and land manager for over 30 years.  As President, he is the manager of over 10,000 acres of private non-industrial forestland throughout Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake, and Napa Counties.

With an extensive background in forestland management and timber harvesting, his major fields of emphasis include forest resource planning and management, timberland appraisal, and land use planning and development.  Principal projects completed over the course of nearly two decades have included the writing and administration of long term forest management plans, timber inventory appraisal and analysis, and sustained yield planning and management. Randy has also gained considerable experience in the development of timberland conversion applications and plans, mitigated negative declarations, and feasibility studies for wineries and individuals, for vineyard location and design.

Prior to establishing Jacobszoon and Associates, Randy worked as an Area Forester for a large timberland owner where he designed and administered the forest planning and management of a 24,000 acre timber tract. Duties also included the designing, monitoring, and development of mitigations for stream, wildlife, and watershed restoration projects.

Immediately out of college, Randy started a small logging company based in Fort Bragg, California.  During the 10 years as a timber operator, principal projects included the design of road systems, tractor yarding operations and cable yarding systems. The company also operated a mobile sawmill, manufacturing custom lumber for small landowners and supervised the planting of over 100,000 conifer seedlings each year.

andy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Geography from California State University, Chico and a Bachelor of Science in Forest Economics from Humboldt State University.

Registration/Professional Organizations
Registered Professional Forester (RPF) #2498
Association of Consulting Foresters, California Chapter President 2006
California Licensed Forester Association
Redwood Regional Logging Conference- President 2008



  Alicia Ives Ringstad
Wildlife Biologist


Since joining Jacobszoon and Associates in 2005, Alicia has become the principal Wildlife Biologist and an invaluable employee.  She provides wildlife assessments and botanical surveys on Jacobszoon and Associates client’s private timberland as well as for outside consultants, industrial timberland owners, and conservation groups.

Alicia has become a northern California wildlife specialist focusing on terrestrial wildlife, wildlife-habitat relationships, impact assessments, and regulatory compliance.  Principal projects have included conducting and/or organizing species-specific protocol surveys and assessments for northern spotted owl, raptor species, nesting bird species, Point Arena mountain beaver, Townsend's big-ear bat, California red-legged frog, Foothill yellow-legged frog, and Western pond turtles.  Recently Alicia conducted wildlife surveys and monitoring on the Willits Bypass project for Cal-Trans.

Alicia's experience does not stop at just wildlife biology, she takes on many of the forestry related tasks as well.  She has experience marking timber, cruising timber, cruising carbon, writing and laying out THPs/NTMPs/MTHPs, writing/planning forest restoration plans, and much more.  She also trains seasonal and full-time biologists and forestry technicians/aides.

Prior to joining Jacobszoon and Associates, Alicia worked on the Mad River Slough Project in Arcata, CA.  As a Field Crew member, she conducted surveys and established tracking of small mammals establishing a baseline on the population density.

Alicia holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management and Conservation from Humboldt State University.  She also holds an Archaeological Training Certificate from Cal Fire.

Certifications/Professional Organization
US Fish and Wildlife Certified red-legged frog biologist
CALTRANS Approved Biologist
Redwood Regional Logging Conference, Board of Directors

Variables Influencing Predatation of Artificial Duck Nests in Northwest Coastal California, published in Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society.



  Sam Jacobszoon
Forestry Technician


Being a third-generation forester, Sam has been immersed in the natural resources and timber industries for his entire life. Sam is involved with all aspects of timber inventories, biological and botanical assessments and surveys; wildlife and botanical surveys for California threatened and endangered species, and timber harvesting preparation.  Sam has also taken active roles in the design and implementation of erosion control plans, watershed assessments and restoration projects and forest road system layout.  With this experience Sam is able train and help supervise our seasonal field crews.

Prior to joining Jacobszoon and Associates on a full-time basis, Sam gained extensive experience river guiding large groups down various rivers throughout the four-corners region of the southwestern United States, including the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park. Sam also spent five years supervising large crews of seasonal employees for a major ski resort in northern Arizona. 

Sam completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from Humboldt State University in 2014. 



  Arron Cox
Forestry Technician


Arron first started with Jacobszoon and Associates as a summer Forestry Aide in 2013 while attending Humboldt State University (HSU).  He joined Jacobszoon and Associates as a full time Forestry Technician in January of 2014 after graduating from HSU with a bachelor’s degree in forestry.  Since joining the company, Arron has helped integrate modern technologies into our everyday tasks, which has helped improve productivity and quality of services.  Arron is involved in many of the company’s projects, such as timber marking, timber cruising, carbon cruising, THP/NTMP/MTHP writing and layout, 3-acre conversions, 1600 permits, writing/planning forest restoration plans, GIS mapping, and much more.  Arron also received his Archaeological Training Certificate from Cal Fire in 2014 and is preparing to take the RPF exam in 2017.

Some of Arron’s past forestry experience includes working for one of his HSU professors on their research project.  The project involved monitoring Aspen regeneration in the Tahoe Basin and in what way burn piles affect Aspen regeneration.

Before attending HSU in 2010, Arron worked 13 years in the information technology sector.  During this time, he held several different positions, such as a Computer Repair Technician, Support Engineer, and IT Manager.  Some of his past responsibilities were to maintain office computers and software, install and maintain servers, and manage help desk technicians.  His past work experience has been extremely valuable to Jacobszoon and Associates everyday tasks and business operations.  

While attending HSU Arron minored in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is complemented by his past computer experience.  He takes on many of the company’s major geospatial projects.  He helps with everyday mapping needs and manages our GIS software needs.



  Zack Jackson
Forestry Technician


Zack has worked in the industry extensively around California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska before going to Humboldt State University. Some of the forestry work Zack has taken part in is timber harvest design and preparation, forest road design and layout, forest inventory, carbon sequestration projects, timber marking, felling, watershed assessment and delineation, archaeological inspection, as well as training others. In his free time Zack is an avid hunter-gatherer, fisherman, freediver, and adventure enthusiast.

Zack earned an Associates of Arts in Business Management from Mendocino College before attending Humboldt State University, where he received a Bachelors of Science in Forestry with an emphasis on Operations and Management.  Zack has worked with Jacobszoon and Associates on a temporary basis since 2013 and joined the company as a full time employee in 2016. 


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