Professional Forestry

Timber Harvest Plans (THPs)
To harvest trees on private or corporate timberland in the state of California a THP must be prepared by a Registered Professional Forester (RPF).  Timber Harvest Plans serve two major functions: Provide information for the California Department of Forestry (CalFire) to determine if the proposed project conforms to the California Forest Practice rules and to provide direction to the Licensed Timber Operator (LTO) regarding the THP.  Timber Harvest Plans are the functional equivalent of an Environmental Impact Report.
Jacobszoon and Associates has prepared many THPs over the last 18 years for private and corporate timberland owners throughout Northern California.  With this extensive experience we ensure the most accurate, cost effective, and environmentally sound THPs.    

Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans (NTMPs)
For landowners with less than 2,500 acres of timberland an NTMP provides a high level of flexibility and freedom in the long term management of their properties.  Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans focus on timber management, wildlife habitat, archaeology, and water quality.  These plans allow the landowner to respond quickly to changes in the market and/or their changing financial needs. 
Having developed over 30 NTMPs in the state of California, we have the background, experience, and expertise to assess individual client needs and to ensure a balance of responsible environmental practices and sound economic decisions.  

Timber Inventories
A timber inventory is the major component used to determine volume and value of standing trees on a forest tract which are significant elements in the management of timberland. Timber inventories are an important element in providing information for the development of management strategies, estate planning, and long term business decisions.

As foresters we engage in traditional techniques with modern technology as we design, conduct, and process timber inventories for small private landowners, conservation organizations, and corporate clients.

California Forest Improvement Program (CFIP) Management 

Focused on encouraging private and public investments in forestlands and natural resources in the state of California, CFIP provides funding to forestland owners with more than 20 acres and less than 5,000 acres for management plans, Registered Professional Forester (RPF) fees, site preparation, tree planting, thinning, pruning, herbicide applications, land conservation, and improvement for fish and wildlife habitat.

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    Sustainable Forestry 
    Planning today for tomorrow's needs.
     It's extremely important to protect our large land base of 
     forestland from development and to ensure they 
     continue to be managed as working forests. 

    Forestland can be an excellent long-term investment 
    when managed under sustained yield programs with 
    sufficient mitigations to protect soils, watersheds, and
    biological and botanical resources.

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