GIS and Remote Sensing

Geospatial Analysis

As natural resource managers we rely on GIS to help make decisions on how to best manage our client's resources.  By integrating GIS analysis into our daily operations we have extended our expertise in timber inventories, appraisals, timber cruising, silviculture, regeneration surveys, assessments, and diagnostic services. 

Our GIS technology profoundly impacts the way we analyze complex natural resource management situations and ensures we make the most informed decisions for our clients. 

GIS is a powerful tool allowing the visualization and analysis of management plans; maintenance of resource inventories; allows us to distinguish between significant terrain elements and landownerships; and provides shaded relief for management plans.

We have the technical expertise to employ GIS in a wide range of natural resource projects including:

    Conservation Easements
    Environmental Management
    Forestry Planning and Management
    Water Resources
    Wildlife Biology

With the addition of orthophotos and other data derived from airborne sensors, we have the ability to incorporate remote sensing techniques to further enhance our geospatial analytical capabilities. 

Combining our GIS and remote sensing analytics ensures we are capable of solving some of the most challenging natural resource planning and management situations facing private landowners, conservation organizations, government agencies, and industry.

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    GIS and Mapping 
    Get more from your maps.
    Employing the powerful Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional 
    we have the ability to easily visualize the relationships 
    between data and geography producing maps that are easy 
    to share and use.

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