Ecological Restoration

Watershed Assessment & Restoration
Jacobszoon and Associates provides services that creat, enhance, and restore the ecology of our natural landscapes. 

Our company specializes in:

    Erosion control design, mitigation, & monitoring
    Riparian habitat  assessment & restoration
    Site assessment & surveying
    Wetland habitat delineation & restoration

With a focus on long-term and low maintenance solutions we assess and design site specific options to best suit the needs of our clients and their properties.  


Forest Road Improvement & Design
Jacobszoon and Associates has forest road expertise with over 40 years of experience designing and administering road construction.  

We have extensive experience in:

    The design, construction, and maintenance of forest 
    road systems
    Culvert and bridge design and installation
    The upgrade of existing road system to minimize 
    erosion and stream sedimentation
    Road decomissioning

Our goals are always to balance environmental sound and ecologically conscious techniques with economically viable long-term solutions.

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Watershed Mitigation
Clean water ensures diversity of fish and wildlife
    The alteration of landscapes has consequences and it's 
    important to invest in ways to change activities or structures 
    that impede the function of watersheds to provide clean 
    water and habitats.

    Road Improvements
Essential to management activities.

    Roads are a major environmental impact on forests and
    watersheds, being the principal source of erosion and stream 
    sedimentation.  To minimize the ecological impact, appropriate
    site selection and properly constructed roads are essential.

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