Biological and Botanical

Northern California Biological and Botanical Consulting

Jacobszoon and Associates provides botanical and wildlife services for forestry consultants, timber companies, conservation organizations, and private timberland owners.  We specialize in terrestrial wildlife, wildlife habitat relationships, impact assessment, and regulatory compliance.

Botanical Surveys
We have conducted numerous botanical surveys for our diverse client base, including:
    Baseline inventories
    Threatened and endangered species surveys
    Invasive species inventories & mapping projects
    Preparation of species assessments

Wildlife Studies
Our company has extensive experience conducting wildlife services that include:

    Biological assessments
    California red-legged frog assessments and surveys*
    Diurnal raptor surveys
    Northern Spotted Owl consultations
    Wildlife habitat assessment
*US Fish and Wildlife Service certified; CALTRANS approved biologist

In addition to providing assessments, surveys, and studies, Jacobszoon and Associates provides botanical and wildlife assessment training to seasonal and full-time biologists, forestry field technicians, and other natural resource management professionals.

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    California Plant & Wildlife
Rare species in a unique environment

    California is rich in biodiversity and the identification 
    and protection of unique habitat is paramount in the long
    term sustainability of our rare and endangered species.

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